Three Months

Today, the 21st of August marks three months on the road.

Our odometers stand at 5,786 total miles.


We’ll arrive in San Francisco tomorrow, the 22nd.

Three months sure feels like enough time to really adapt to a new lifestyle. We can remember what it’s like to live with a roof over our heads, and to do something other than cycle all day, but that seems like an eternity ago.

The leaves are beginning to turn; we set out from the Hudson valley in late spring. We take the trip day by day and mile by mile. Now, so close to the finish line, we’re looking back and recognizing the sheer immensity of the trip, both in terms of distance and time.


One thought on “Three Months

  1. So close, I am sure you have many emotions riding with you but what an awesome adventure and accomplishment! This is something no one can ever take away from you. Any plans for a book? I would definitely buy one!

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