We’ve passed the 5,000-mile mark. We saw our Odometers tick past the milestone and gave each other a big high five. We’re now pedaling the final 700 miles of the trip. One might expect us to be tired of biking, but we’re loving it. It feels so natural. We’re excited to reach the finish line, but also reluctant to give up our nomadic ways.

We’ve agreed Portland is a great city. The first thing we noticed was how cycle-friendly it was. Bike paths and lanes are woven into the transportation fabric of the city. Cyclists have their own traffic signals, detour signs, and generous portions of tarmac. Drivers respected us there and shared the road willingly. This is a far cry from the rest of North America as we’ve experienced it.



The “rose test garden” was a sight to behold with over 8,000 rose bushes.



The nearby Japanese garden, likewise, is unparalleled.





Raphael and I have left Portland, OR, behind and made for the Coastal Highway (101).


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