We sleep in the unlikeliest of places these days. A pipe, for example, isn’t somewhere I would’ve thought to sleep for the night when I was back in NYC.


But that’s exactly where we slept last night; in two pieces of cement pipe, in a playground in Tenino, WA.


It was surprisingly comfortable, actually. It was just the right length and width.

We’ve slept in some weird places over the past two and a half months. An industrial park in the middle of a city in Ontario, a Christmas tree farm in Michigan, numerous playgrounds, an illegal garbage dump in Canada, a logging road pull off on Vancouver Island, etc.. A pipe was a bit out of the ordinary, though.

Through this adventure, Raphael and I have learned to make use of places and things that, under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t even notice. We’ve become resourceful. We wash our, clothes, and bodies in gas station bathrooms or forest creeks.

An episode comes to mind from up North in Canada. I was washing dishes from the previous nights’ dinner in the men’s room of some diner. A guy walked in to find me scrubbing our cooking pot. The lid hung on the towel hanger, and two newly clean forks were lodged between my teeth. If he was confused, I’d understand, but I was hardly ashamed.

We enjoyed our time in Seattle. We happened to be traveling through during the Seafair on Lake Washington. The place was buzzing. We saw the Blue Angels, the world-famous Navy aerial acrobat team. It was a spectacle.



Raphael and I are closing in on Portland now. We’ll arrive tomorrow.


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