Vancouver City


We arrived in Vancouver City to meet our Uncle, Andrew, and our Grandfather, Skip, on the 29th of July.

We had been planning a two-day visit there for a few weeks now.

We settled into the condo that Andrew had secured for our visit and headed for the beach.

Now, the beach we went to was called “Rec beach”. A nude beach. It was really a nice beach, and the fact that we stayed dressed didn’t really matter because it was optional. A part of local culture, I guess.

We explored Granville Island’s famous markets and art studios the next day. The quality and boundless varieties of food were a little overwhelming to Raphael and me after so long in the wilderness. Nonetheless, we had an incredible time and ate well.

After picking up some odds and ends for the next leg of our trip, we all lounged by the seaside in Stanley Park for the afternoon.



We had a magnificent meal at The Teahouse restaurant – right on the seaside in Stanley Park – as the sun fell behind the mountains.

Grandpa and I wheeled the bikes to the shop for a tune-up the next morning.


81 years old. Still going strong.


Rested, well fed, and happy to have seen family after so long on the road, we got ready to head out. We all went our separate ways; Skip, to New York. Andrew, to Salt Lake City. And Raphael and I, toward Seattle and down the coast.

Short as it was, seeing family after so long on the road was really nice. We hadn’t seen anyone from back home in almost two and a half months.

We set out for the US border; putting the Canadian wilderness behind us.




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