Raphael and I crossed into British Columbia (B.C.) yesterday.

This post will serve as a log of our plans and preparations for the third leg of our trip: British Columbia (BC) and Alberta.

Here is a map of our route:


Raphael and I are traveling North along 93 from Eureka to Jasper, and then North-West along highway 16 from Jasper to Prince Rupert. Then taking a 24-hour ferry to Port Hardy

We’re most concerned about the stretch between Jasper (Alberta), and Prince Rupert along the Yellowhead Highway (16). Specifically, between Jasper and Prince George, and Prince George and Prince Rupert. There isn’t a whole lot of civilization up there in terms of towns and supplies. We’ve mapped out the longer stretches, and we will bring on extra water and food for those periods.

Here is a list of our capabilities:

1) We have rudimentary first aid equipment, including a snake-bite kit. I have a 200-page field medicine guide,  the us army survival guide, and a bike repair guide, all on my phone.

2) We have the capacity to carry enough food for 2-3 days. Our fuel carrying capacity is 30fl.oz of gasoline. We have a flex-fuel camp stove. We have the capacity to carry 200 fl.oz of water per person. We also know how to purify water with sunlight, and hope to pick up water purification tablets soon.

3) We have detailed maps of the entire region.

4) I have a small amount of Canadian data and call time. I have a reserve battery that could last me up to a week if I put my phone in emergency power mode.

5) Each of us is carrying a 10oz can of bear spray.


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