Port Burwell

I’m sitting in a small sandwich shop in Port Burwell, Ontario – right on Lake Erie. We’ve been making good headway in the recent days since we left the Erie Canal Way trail and crossed Niagara Falls. Several 70-73 mile days.

We expect to take a ferry into Michigan late tomorrow, or the following morning.

A few miles back we hiked down a dune made of sand and clay and went for a long swim. We scrubbed ourselves completely with the clay and then spent some time on the beach.

Everyone is enjoying the sunny weather, relatively smooth roads, and well stocked beach side towns along Lake Erie.

We’re heading another 35 miles down the road to the John E. Pierce Provincial park for the night as soon as we finish these rather tasty looking sandwiches. That reminds me. I’m starving.




Second night

After a day of riding in the rain, we set up camp on top of an aqueduct. Flat terrain, and good drainage make this a pretty great spot.

We found a decent enough Italian restaurant right off the rail trail called La Cucina for dinner. Picked up pizza for tomorrow’s breakfast too. 65 miles to go tomorrow to make it to Syracuse on schedule.

We rode 66 miles West on the Eerie Canal Way trail today. We’re 87 miles into the tour.